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i wanna use this more

2015-11-04 14:48:51 by mewtew

BUT IM   L  A  Z Y

i will upload stuff here tho

im also updating my furaffinity 

I upgraded my pc, but...

2015-01-18 17:32:28 by mewtew

i upgraded my pc, i switched out the motherboard, case, psu, and heatsink.

but in the process i lost all my vst plugins, and i currently don't have a way of getting them back, i thought i backed them up but they somehow got deleted.

so unfortunatly i wont be able to make music for a while. :<


2015-01-02 03:51:35 by mewtew

this site is so much better than soundcloud why don't i use this more

EP Release

2014-03-29 23:17:52 by mewtew

aw ye B^)

it took way to long but yeah

ep thing

2014-01-22 02:46:06 by mewtew

yeah im not 100% sure what to do but i want to make an ep thing

i have a few songs for it, but i don't have any art for it, and it doesn't have a name.

i really want to come on this website more often, my music has improved so much in so little time, looking back on the stuff i have uploaded here is just, eCH.


getting my shit together

2013-10-12 10:08:59 by mewtew

got ableton live n stuffs, now i just need a new computer.

and why am i taking the time to write this? it's not like anybody is following me on here.

Switching DAW's :I

2013-08-12 21:14:46 by mewtew

i wont be putting out that much more music, i might do a little thing here and there, but other than that i wont be doing any full songs, my remix of rainbow factory will be the last thing i make with fl studio. and tbh i don't really even feel like finishing that .-.

i'm moving to ableton, the only problem is that it costs A LOT of money. normally i wouldn't have a problem with this, but i also really need a new computer.
also there's the issue with the plugins.
i have never bought any plugins besides the ones that came with the signature bundle of fl studio, i know i can get them in vst's but my old email got cancelled and i can't log into image-line's website anymore ;n;

the few vst's im looking at are massive and sylenth.
i know massive costs around $300 but im not too sure about sylenth.

that combined with the new computer i need, and ableton.

well, it's not too cheap :I
i'm probably going to buy the computer myself and see if my parents will be able to get me ableton.

im still not too sure about the vst's though.

it's a little frustrating.

computer is working again.

2013-07-06 18:23:10 by mewtew

thank god


2013-07-02 05:58:38 by mewtew

wont be uploading anything till i get my new computer.


2013-06-18 13:20:23 by mewtew

working on a trap song :D it's been really fun so far, but taking a long time because its my first attempt at trap :|